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[Review] Samsung Gear Fit 2

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 is classed as a sports band, however with the ever increasing features in these so-called sports bands, it almost becomes a full-fledged smart watch. And that is what the Gear Fit 2 is bordering along at. It’s a great mix between a fitness tracker and …

Online Shopping Has Come A Long Way!

So today I get an email from Countdown saying that they have been doing online grocery shopping in New Zealand since 1996: using floppy disks! And not just one or five, but dozens of floppy disks! These floppy disks contained the program to their online shopping database, which back in …

Samsung Smart TV Voice Recognition Saga

Samsung has recently beamed in the spotlight again, regarding how its voice recognition software on its Smart TVs do. Today’s issue is not the first to happen; Samsung has been criticised before on how they handled customers’ voice data. It seems this time, the mainstream media has taken wind of …

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