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Back in the days, publishers like me used to be able to rely on those graphical moving objects on websites (also known as advertisements or ads for short) to help relieve the cost of running a website. However, as technology moves on, we now have ad blockers readily available for …

Using UberEATS in Auckland

Hungry? Get $10 off your first order on #UberEATS with my code: eats-17atx. Because I was in Auckland City today, I decided to give UberEATS a try for lunch today. UberEATS is a food delivery service which utilises the Uber network to deliver your favourite foods to you, straight from …

[Review] UE Boom 2

While it feels like Summer has just started in Auckland, you can continue to get into that Summer feeling through Autumn by playing your favourite tunes out loud on the UE Boom 2. My BrainFreeze blue-coloured UE Boom 2 has not skipped a beat since its first full charge, and …

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