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NZ TechBlog

On NZ TechBlog we publish the latest technology news, do reviews on tech products and on modern vehicles, showcase tech videos (either mine or is aggregated from other tech sites) and just general ‘tech-talk’.

What sets us apart from other sites/blogs and NZ mainstream tech media is that we like to give a consumer’s perspective on everyday technology and in easy-to-understand tech terms. This means that if you are no techie/geek but love technology as much as we do then this site is right for you to get all your geeky goodness!

We hope to be your favourite NZ TechBlog in New Zealand; we always welcome feedback and comments on how we can improve!

About the Owner…

I’m Matthew Chan and I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I run NZ TechBlog. I am a passionate tech blogger and love to read up on funny, interesting, serious and sometimes “failed” tech news as well. I also enjoy reading good books followed by good movies and adventurous/action TV dramas. I also love testing out the newest gadgets ranging from smartphones, laptops to even Dyson Vacuum Cleaners! I also love test driving flash new cars! Good food also is a must! It is to be enjoyed with the above hobbies!

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You may contact me by filling out the form down below or by emailing me directly at [email protected]