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[News] Last Day for Pandora Music fans Down Under!


Pandora Logo

If you have been following me on Twitter over the past month, I reminded users that Pandora music service will stop in New Zealand on the 31st of July 2017, which is tomorrow. Pandora announced this earlier in the month after “analysis and consideration of external factors” that it wasn’t a viable option (or money making revenue) in New Zealand anymore. This doesn’t come at a surprise, as most people I have talked to either use Spotify or Apple Music, with the occasional use of Pandora streaming music. Spotify caused a bit of a stir about a year ago when it cut off the lyrics feature, and until this date still has not found a replacement for it.

Pandora will only cease operation down under (New Zealand and Australia) and will now focus solely on their American market. Users currently paying for Pandora Plus will not need to do anything to cancel their subscription as it will be cancelled automatically for them after the 31st of July. Users with billing dates after the 31st of July will need to contact Pandora for a prorated refund.

Many modern in-car entertainment systems have an app for streaming Pandora music. This service will also be unavailable after tomorrow.

A few alternatives to Pandora music would be Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, TuneIn radio plus more.