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[News] 2degrees Unveils Exciting New Mobile Plans

2degrees Data Clock

2degrees Mobile announced some pretty nifty plans at the beginning of this month. First it was the Unlimited mobile plan, which includes unlimited data, texts and calls, for $129 a month, and yesterday they announced a new way for you to pay for mobile data on Prepay: by time. The new Unlimited mobile plan is only available for a limited time, 2degrees have said, but the Data Clock feature (paying for mobile data by time) is here for the foreseeable future. 

2degrees Unlimited Mobile Plan Limited Time

The Unlimited mobile plan consists of Unlimited Calling (NZ & Australia), Unlimited Text (NZ & Australia), Unlimited Data (NZ), and will be available to business customers and consumers. But there is a catch. 2degrees have implemented a Fair Use Policy which do contain sentences such that customers must not use Unlimited NZ Data as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, to tether with other devices or use for machine to machine communications. Now this pretty much defeats the purpose of unlimited data, because some of the other offerings in the market offer a generous fixed data cap, but for a third of the price. Mobile tethering is also allowed on this example plan from a competitor. This really does put a new spin to the word “unlimited”, in my opinion.

The other new offering by 2degrees has more of a better use. Nicknamed 2degrees Data Clock, this app that lets Prepay customers buy unlimited Prepay data by the minute, hour or day. This means if you know you will be a bit bored in the weekend and you’re away from home, you can choose to purchase a 24 hour block where you can use unlimited mobile data for the duration of 24 hours. A good example of use for the data clock would be if you had decent 4G coverage at a holiday home, you and the family could watch unlimited Netflix (cabling your phone up to your TV) without it breaking your normal data usage bank. However, same with 2degrees’ Unlimited mobile plan, WiFi hotspots are not allowed.

If you are a 2degrees mobile customer, you can download and register on the Data Clock app for a free 24-hour pass, meaning you get to use unlimited mobile data for 24 hours upon signing up!

The Data Clock pricing is as follows:

5 minutes: $0.50
10 minutes: $0.60
30 minutes: $1.00
1 hour: $1.50
3 hours: $2.00
12 hours: $4.00
24 hours: $6.00

For more information on the Unlimited mobile plan, visit the 2degrees website.

For more information on the Data Clock, visit: https://www.2degreesmobile.co.nz/mobile/prepay/data-clock

The 2degrees Data Clock app can be downloaded on Android and iOS.