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Using UberEATS in Auckland

UberEATS 5

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Because I was in Auckland City today, I decided to give UberEATS a try for lunch today. UberEATS is a food delivery service which utilises the Uber network to deliver your favourite foods to you, straight from your smartphone. This saves you from having to spend too long walking to a food place, placing your order, waiting for the order to be made, then walking back to the office, just to get lunch, especially if you are in the middle of some important work. Read on to see what kind of special deals you can get with UberEATS!

UberEATS launched in Auckland early this month, and is designed to give you a taste of the local restaurants in the area, thus giving you a wider range of choices for where you may want to have lunch. It has had successful launches around the world, including the USA and Australia. The best part of this service is that the price of the food you want to order at a participating restaurant, will cost exactly the same and contain the same portion size as if you went directly to the restaurant yourself! Uber are currently charging a flat rate delivery fee of only $5.99 to have your food delivered within the Auckland City area. It will hopefully come to other areas of Auckland, even wider New Zealand, soon.

Looking out the window today, the fluctuating Auckland weather had kicked in and I was reluctant to go out and find food for lunch. To start off my trial, I downloaded and installed the UberEATS app and signed in using my regular Uber account. The free credit you get from the ridesharing app can be used in UberEATS as well! Since UberEATS only launched in Auckland earlier this month, I was surprised to find quite a wide range of restaurants participating in the app. Restaurants ranged from Indian, Thai, Malaysian, Japanese to American burgers and chips! Because the app is designed to give you a taste of the local restaurants in the area, only nearby restaurants in Auckland city are currently participating, which certainly doesn’t lack in choices!

UberEATS 1

UberEATS 2

After some very hard decisions, I decided to get the King Salmon bagel, from Best Ugly Bagels CityWorks Depot. The bagel costed $14, and coupled with UberEATS delivery fee of $5.99, this came to a grand total of $19.99. There are some other restaurants which may have a more value meal, but I was really craving salmon today so King Salmon bagel it was! UberEATS currently have a launch promotion for this month only, whereby using the coupon code “AUCKLANDEATS” or “AUCKLAND” will get you free delivery for the first 3 UberEATS services! This meant my order was just $14, the price of the bagel itself!

Just like the Uber app, UberEATS charges your credit/debit card, after any eligible promotional credit is used up. This means you won’t have to fumble around for change to pay the drivers when they deliver the meal to you. It’s all done online!

UberEATS 3

After ordering, UberEATS will confirm your meal order with the restaurant and they will start prepping your order. At this point, the app will give an approximate arrival time of your food. This is updated in real-time as I have found out, so fluctuating traffic congestions in the city can impact on delivery times. Mine started out to say arrival at 3:01PM, then to 2:49PM, with more changing times, until it actually arrived at 2:56PM. So all in all, pretty good and reasonable wait times! During this time which of course you can continue doing whatever work you were doing, unless you were too excited and hungry, like me, to continue on!

UberEATS 3

When your food has been picked up by a Uber delivery driver, you can track your food’s real-time movements on the map, as well as your driver’s name, the model car they are driving, and their license plate number. There is also the option to contact your driver, which will be connected via the Uber call center for the driver’s safety.

And here is my meal!

UberEATS 6

Overall I was very impressed with the UberEATS service, and after realising the delivery fee was only just $5.99, I will definitely be using it again some time soon! It can save you time, money and energy, while getting the best foods in the area delivered straight to your doorstep.

To get started with UberEATS, download the Android or iOS app, and don’t forget to use my coupon code eats-17atx for $10 off your first meal with UberEATS! When you place your order with the coupon, I will also get a $10 coupon for referring you. It’s a win-win situation!