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[News] New Samsung Products Announced at CES 2017

Samsung QLED TV
Samsung QLED TV

Samsung have unveiled a slew of new devices at CES 2017 ranging from new QLED TVs to Flex Dry and Flex Wash laundry machines. While there are more devices announced in the US market (such as the notebook range), there will only be a select few which will be relevant to the NZ market, with the QLED TVs taking precedent. It will be good to see how Samsung’s QLED panels compare to its competition, if it is on-par or even better than the OLED panels.

Featuring incredible advancements in the development of Quantum dot technology, Samsung unveiled the 75-inch Q8C QLED TV, which adds new metal material to nano-sized semiconductor quantum dots to deliver the perfect mix of light and colour currently available in display technology. The result is a stunning large-screen QLED TV, with an incredibly accurate and precise picture that can be viewed from any angle or in any environment.

Samsung QLED TV takes Quantum dot technology to new heights with advanced light efficiency and stability, as well as a wider colour spectrum than ever before. The new QLED TV also features truly deep black levels, perfect 100% colour volume when measured with DCI perfect match, and HDR optimal brightness of 1,500 – 2,000 nits. Samsung QLED TV’s new panel design also reduces reflection so consumers can see every bold detail with unbelievable levels of contrast. Finally, QLED delivers this level of performance regardless of where one is sitting, with consistent colour and picture quality from any viewing angle.

New design elements introduced by Samsung enhance the QLED TV experience even further.  The practically invisible optical cable helps to solve the issue of unsightly cords and clutter that can be found in the home with a sleek, single cord system. Additional accessories include the optional “No-Gap Wall Mount,” which makes mounting a TV flush against the wall simpler and faster than ever before. Finally, for those who desire a variety of stylish options when displaying their TV, Samsung introduced two new optional elegant TV stands – Gravity and Studio – that appeal to the consumer who prefers an un-mounted TV.

In addition to the new TVs, Samsung also detailed plans to deliver a more unified experience for customers using various services and devices. Last year’s hit Samsung One Remote has been enhanced to support even more devices and offer voice control capabilities across more Smart TV features. And Samsung SmartView app – available on Android and iOS – allow users to get their personalized SmartHub experience right on their phone, as well as notifications of new content even when the user’s TV is off.

New to the Smart TV experience in 2017 is the Samsung Sports service. The Sports Service ensures that sports fans will never miss a moment, with customizable content and alerts based on a user’s team preferences, powered by real-time partnerships with the biggest content players in sports today.

Additionally, Samsung announced their newest lifestyle TV innovation. The new Lifestyle TV offers a sleek, stunning design that was curated with an artful approach. This new TV was designed to appear just like a picture would appear on a wall, outfitted with an invisible cable that allows it to hang anywhere in the home, and blend seamlessly into any living space without those unsightly cables or wires.

Samsung showcased its 2017 lineup of home audio visual products, including the new Soundbar Sound+ which features a built-in sub-woofer, H7 Wireless Audio and the latest UHD Blu-ray Player. The products reflect a comprehensive suite of premium features with an eye toward heightened integration, as well as a premium, simplistic design that complements the user experience across multiple devices. Finally, the new Soundbar and H7 feature the rich and detailed sound of UHQ 32bit, which upscales from any source that provides 8-24bit sound.

Samsung FlexWash and FlexDry Laundry Machines

Bringing more flexibility into the laundry room, Samsung introduced FlexWash + FlexDry to meet the needs of today’s busy families. FlexWash is equipped with a 142-litre capacity front load washer, the largest in its class, to handle normal or bulky loads. It adds another cubic foot of capacity in a separate compartment on top for washing smaller loads separately from the main load. Both washers can run separately or simultaneously with different settings.

Meanwhile, FlexDry has the ability to tackle large laundry loads while gently drying a few delicate items at the same time at the top of the dryer. Suitable for items like athletic wear or a silk scarf, the unique Delicate Rack zone adjusts the heat automatically depending on the type of fabric being dried.

During the press conference, Samsung also announced Family Hub 2.0. Building upon Family Hub 1.0, which was introduced last year, Family Hub 2.0 expands from four to 10 refrigerator models, so consumers can choose the refrigerator that best matches their household needs. It also features enhanced usability with app integration and new app partners to help families stay connected, manage food, and access more entertainment features on the refrigerator’s 21.5” LED touchscreen. For added convenience, Samsung’s advanced voice technology has also been integrated across many of Family Hub 2.0’s apps.