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[Giveaway] 5 Bonus 2degrees Data Prizes To Be Won! (Each worth 1GB)

2degrees Mobile Data Hunt Pin

There is bonus data up for grabs for Data Hunters! Read on to see how you can be one of 5 lucky winners in the 2degrees Mobile Data Hunt game!

Last month, 2degrees came out with a game that uses augmented reality to hunt for data around New Zealand. They have dropped 200 million megabytes of free data all over New Zealand, and 2degrees have said that over 51 million megabytes of free data have now been claimed by customers! There are over 110,000 active users on the Data Hunt app, and it has generated over 1.5 million sessions as of yesterday. The top hunting spots have been around the 2degrees Queen Street store in Auckland, and Te Aro Park in Wellington. And if you haven’t found many Golden Pins yet, try going to the Opera House in Wellington or the Auckland Domain, which had the most Golden Pin drops recorded on Sunday!

Who can’t resist free data these days?

That is why, on top of finding and hunting down those MBs of free data around New Zealand, 2degrees have kindly given us 5 Bonus data prizes (each worth 1GB) to give away to Data Hunters! All you have to do is to take a screenshot of your 2degrees Mobile Data Hunt app showing how many MBs/GBs of data you have racked up in the comments below, and we will pick 5 random winners to top up their data bonus by 1GB! Sound like a sweet summer deal? We think so!

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Winners will be randomly chosen on Friday, 23rd of December 2016. To activate the bonus 1GB data, you have to be a 2degrees customer. If you are not already a 2degrees customer, when is a better time to join than now by visiting: https://www.2degreesmobile.co.nz/. Winners will need to provide me with a valid 2degrees mobile number to pass on to 2degrees, who will add on your bonus 1GB data pack, valid for 30 days upon activation. It may take up to a week to have the data applied. Happy Hunting!