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My New Micro USB Charging Cables!


Anker PowerLine Micro USB Cables 2

Are your Micro USB cables still strong enough to power your devices while you are using them, and strong enough to resist a couple of tugs from accidents? You may remember I bought an Anker 5-port USB Charger a year ago (it’s still going strong), and now that my Micro USB charging cables are getting torn at the tip, I figured it was time to buy some new cables.

And what a better brand to buy from than from Anker, who really are the leaders in device charging products these days. So today my brand-new, Anker 5-Pack PowerLine Micro USB cables have arrived from Amazon, five days before they were due to arrive. Thanks Amazon!

The Anker cables are nice and thick (which feels durable) and can now easily slot into my Sony Xperia X for charging. Previously, the cables either weren’t a good enough quality because they kept on charging, discharging, charging, discharging the phone.


These 5 cables come in three different sizes: 2 x 0.3m short length cables, 2 x 0.9m medium length cables, and 1 x 1.8m long cable. I underestimated how short the 0.3m cables were but they should be fine for charging items such as my Sennheiser MM 550-X headphone’s battery, or even for powering up a Chromecast with the USB port right next to the HDMI port on the TV.

Anker PowerLine Micro USB Cables 1

These cables ship to NZ so for a total price of around NZ$25 (I bought them using some of my Amazon gift card money), you can get yourself a pack of new Anker Micro USB cables.