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Find Free Data in the 2degrees Mobile Data Hunt App


2degrees Mobile have decided to join in the fun with Augmented Reality and have made their own version of an augmented reality game, but this time the prizes are real: you get real data bonuses!

Remember when top grossing augmented reality game Pokemon Go was a popular game a while back? While it may have died down a bit, it certainly has got many people enjoying the new perspective that augmented reality games offer. Games such as Pokemon Go required players to actually get out and move about which proved to be very beneficial to health, that is if you still used common sense and not walk out in the middle of the road.

2degrees have dropped 200 million megabytes of free data all over New Zealand and all you have to do is find it between the 14th of November 2016 and the 6th of February 2017 and it’s yours!

By using the interactive map as your guide (just like in Pokemon Go), you can go out and find 2degrees Data Spots throughout the country. When you’re in a Data Spot you’ll be able to collect data by spinning the Data Pin to find out how much free mobile data you’ve scored, and all the data you collect will be loaded to your 2degrees mobile account. You could win up to 10,000MB of data!

If you’re not a 2degrees mobile customer you can still join the hunt, just sign up to 2degrees mobile before the 31st of January 2017 and any data you’ve found will be added to your account.

Only 2degrees Prepay, Pay Monthly, Business Select and Business Freedom Plan customers are eligible to redeem the prize data.

Interactive Map and Data Spots

The Data Hunt interactive map will guide you through the gaming experience. Make sure you have location services turned “on” then you can use the interactive map to locate the many Data Spots throughout New Zealand. When you’re in a Data Spot you’ll be able switch to live view mode, this will allow you to spin and collect Data Pins.

Data Pins

Every Data Spot has its own Data Pin, loaded with a range of free data values. When logged in you’ll be able to keep track of your Data Hunt progress, with live updates telling you how many Data Pins you’ve collected and their value. You can only collect data from a Data Pin once, but don’t panic, there are over 1,500 Data Pins to find and there’s up to 10,000MB to be won per 2degrees customer.

Golden Pins

If you are a 2degrees customer, keep a look out for elusive Golden Pins. Golden Pins will pop up for a limited time every once in a while, track them down and give them a spin to score massive data amounts. It pays to get to these fast, because they don’t stick around for long.

Download the Data Hunt app for iOS and Android to get playing.