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Major Recall for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Devices

Galaxy Note 7

Only a month after being launched, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is being recalled worldwide due to a battery problem. There have been at least 35 cases of confirmed reports into Samsung, that the battery explodes when charging the device although none have been reported in NZ yet. However, Samsung NZ are voluntarily offering to replace customers’ Samsung Galaxy Note 7s with a new one in the coming weeks.

Customers are advised to go into the store that they purchased their Note 7 from to receive their replacement. For on-line purchases please either visit that operator’s store or call the Samsung call centre on 0800 SAMSUNG and a representative will be able to guide you where you can get your replacement Note 7.

Affected NZ models begin with the model number ‘SM-N930‘.

Spark have also stopped selling the Note 7s “until further notice”. Spark have also said that any customer with a Note 7 have the option of swapping it out for a different device (with the difference refunded), or they can choose a full on-account refund. Or they can keep their Note 7 until the replacement Note 7s come in the coming weeks. Refunds or exchanges on the current Note 7 can be done in any Spark store.

Vodafone customers have the following options in regards to the recall:

  • Return Note 7, receive a free Samsung Galaxy J5 and then get new Note 7 replacement when it arrives;
  • Swap Note 7 for another Samsung product and get the difference refunded;
  • Get a full refund;
  • Wait until the new Note 7 replacement comes out (up to 4 weeks).

2degrees Mobile have also removed the link to their Note 7 sales page, while accessing Vodafone’s store still allows you to buy a Note 7 on a plan.

Further Information is available on the Samsung New Zealand website and any Galaxy Note7 customers with questions or concerns can phone our customer service team on 0800 SAMSUNG.