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[Giveaway] Would You Sacrifice Yourself For Your Mates? – Vodafone Mates

Vodafone Mates Design Your Plan

Earlier this month, Vodafone launched Vodafone Mates where you could design your own prepay plan according to your needs. So if you use more data and less minutes, you can customise your phone plan to have more data than minutes, for roughly the same price as if you had an even number of minutes and data.

Along with this new product, Vodafone was also in search for New Zealand’s Best Best Mate – someone who would sacrifice themself to live on a barge for a couple of days marooned in the middle of the Auckland Harbour, while three of their mates would be “living it up” in tropical Fiji.

Meg Parfitt stranded out on the barge - Vodafone Mates

The lucky mate that was chosen to do just this was Meg Parfitt who is a 19-year old living in Nelson. While marooned on the barge, Meg’s home was a tent, sitting on astroturf weighed down by 700kg of sand and a couple of blow-up palm trees. The longer she stuck at it living on the barge, the longer her mates were able to stay on the all-expenses-paid holiday in Fiji for up to six nights. And while you may think that seems all goods, it isn’t. Meg also faced a series of challenges on the barge. For every challenge she completed, her friends gained extra experiences on their holiday, such as fishing and snorkelling excursions. Some of the challenges included wearing a helmet full of cockroaches, and even eating a red hot chilli pepper!

Vodafone Mates - Megan and Mates
Megan wins $10,000 for living on a barge while her mates live it up in tropical Fiji.

In the end it was all worth it and Meg was crowned the New Zealand’s Best Best Mate title while also winning herself $10,000 for sticking it out and surviving all of the miserable weather we had last week, and the crazy challenges she had to endure so that her friends could have upgrades in Fiji.

The group of mates say they are all different and have an unbreakable bond.

Jesse White, one of the three mates of Meg heading to Fiji said:

“Our diversity holds us together and we all bring different things to the table. We have completely different backgrounds and interests, all doing different things in life, but we all come together and somehow it all just works. Our friendship is really strong”.

Of course, without Vodafone none of this could have happened for Megan and her three close mates.

Vodafone head of segment marketing Delina Shields said:

“It’s been great to see so many close groups of mates enter this competition and present really strong cases showing enduring friendships.

“Meg, Jesse, Kirsty and Jayden’s bond was immediately clear to us. We’re thrilled to send these mates over to Fiji and we’re confident Megan is up for the challenge and will give it her all this week for her mates. This sort of friendship is what Vodafone Mates is all about”.

Vodafone Mates Sim Card

I thought it was a pretty good promotional activity for Vodafone as it closely aligned with their new product – Vodafone Mates.

As well as the original amount of data you get, if you are under 25 years old you can score yourself an additional 500MB of data for free! You just have to top up $20 or more every 30 days.

Speaking about free stuff, we are also giving away two Vodafone Smart Turbo 7 smartphones with a $50 Vodafone Prepay Sim Card each thanks to Vodafone NZ!

Two lucky winners will receive a smartphone courtesy of Vodafone NZ and a $50 Vodafone Prepay Sim Card each. These will be drawn randomly.

On top of that, I will choose two other people in the draw who will score themselves a $50 Vodafone Prepay Sim Card! (If you’re on another provider, you can bring your number over to your new Vodafone Sim!)

In order to get yourself in the draw, make sure you follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget down below. You must comment on this blog post why you would like a new phone.

Giveaway starts now and finishes on the 8th of September 2016. Our Generic Promotion or Competition Rules apply. Open to New Zealand residents only.

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