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Milapy Is The Location-Based Information You Need

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Milapy, but all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Milapy North Island Map

Are there missing kids? Do you know who your local representatives are? What events are happening around you? Sport teams? (Where’s the Mitre 10 Cup match being played?) Concerts? Do you get critical alerts/notifications when issues around you occur? Milapy can help you become aware of all that. It’s called geospatial awareness.


Milapy is a map-based solution that allows events to be geographically plotted on a map. It identifies events of interest for its users based on their location, and also categorizes and prioritizes important information so users are well aware of what’s happening around them. This means that instead of users browsing information the traditional way and having to manually find and open up all their separate news websites, entertainment websites, gossip sites and social media sites, Milapy can plot them all on one site. This results in users having a much more comprehensive sense of their surroundings, in one place.

How does Milapy work?

Milapy works by using algorithms to sort out and plot information from reliable sources such as the NZ Police, NZ Herald, NewsHub, EventFinda and others onto its map. It searches for specific keywords in the article, goes through its metadata or perhaps even look into seeing if it can see where the picture in the article is from.

Milapy is currently still in Beta, and they have assured me that they are working hard to add more and more sources to its New Zealand area of the map (I already see Burger King signs popping up in different places on Milapy)!

Milapy Auckland Map

On Milapy you will find breaking news, which can be sorted into categories such as crime, politics, business, sports, entertainment and more. In the future you will also be able to find key deals, activities, restaurants and more.

I do see a potential in Milapy. It would mean I could see what restaurants around me have a special deal/coupon I could use, and while I’m at it I can also see the traffic info (powered by Google Maps) to get to that restaurant. If there’s an accident showing I can redirect my route. Plus, it could also notify me if there was a missing person around my area and I would keep an eye out en route to the restaurant. The possibilities are limitless; the sky’s the limit, especially with this amount of technology available to us today.

If I were to summarise what Milapy did in one sentence, it would be: Milapy helps you become aware of news and events that are happening in your neighbourhood, city, country, or anywhere around the globe.

See what you can find over at Milapy.com!