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Nothing Good Comes Out Of SkyGo!

Warning: May Contain Expletives.

SKYGO Rio 2016 Olympics Outage

I am furious. Very furious, that the Olympics.sky.co.nz website is STILL not working, AGAIN! In fact it hasn’t been working for the past TWENTY FOUR HOURS! Sky already have the only rights in New Zealand to broadcast and show live coverage of the Rio 2016 Olympic games here, and yet they fuck it up. This is also not the only time that this has happened; whenever a major sporting event is going down, SkyGo is also going down 95% of the time!

Reports from customers were that they could not get a smooth coverage of the Women’s Rugby Sevens Final today, or that the sound was off by 12 seconds, or that there was an error reading from remote server. It happens all the fucking time. Super Rugby Finals, If you go to Sky New Zealand’s Facebook page you will read all sorts of complaints from customers. In fact, I haven’t read a good comment on there for goodness knows how long!

“Stream concurrency limit reached”, “Could not play the requested content”, “This content is currently unavailable”. See how I can recite every single error message? That’s how bad it is. For the past year and counting, Sky have been charging customers for its services, yet have not been delivering on their services. Yes, SkyGo is an addition to its satellite set top box but it is still part of the service, and so they should treat it equally as much!

Sky NEVER seem to put enough resources to handle the streaming tasks. SURELY they would’ve learnt their lesson after their 50th outage? They do not have the resources, capacity planning, or management skills to foreshadow the huge amounts of traffic that might come to their site. You’re the only broadcaster in New Zealand for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, what kind of traffic do you expect?

Then they tell us to download the Olympics on SKY app, and so I do. Guess what, THAT DOESN’T WORK HALF THE TIME EITHER!

This is exactly another reason why the masses flock to non-legal streaming sites. At least they don’t have outages during major sporting events!

The thing is, we really can’t do much about this as SKY hold all the fucking rights for sports here in New Zealand. They KNOW New Zealanders love their sport and very nearly can’t live without, so if you do unsubscribe to their service, you’ll be left without sports on TV! There is no win-win situation here, I’m very disappointed to say..

And if you were hoping to get any kind of refund, don’t think you’re gonna get one, because I can tell you right now that 90% of the time it won’t happen.

Sort your fucking shit out Sky TV! Hire some people who actually know what they’re doing!