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More AT HOP Card Issues

AT Hop Card

NZ Herald published an article tonight on the amount of AT HOP cards being blacklisted because of a simple error (caused by humans and machines). More than 12,000 people have had their AT HOP card blacklisted because of automatic top-up fails, and Auckland Transport are looking into the processes that go in to determine when a card should be blocked.

The human error that goes into this is that customers forget to change their credit/debit card numbers when they expire or get a new card. That is, changing the 3-digit CVC number which is on the back of the card, and set the new expiry date.

Normally Auckland Transport would notify you well in advance before it starts blocking your card, however, the machine error happened because the system “got confused when there were two email addresses set against the card owner.” Really?

“Since their roll-out in June 2013, 12,124 people have had their cards blocked because of top-up failures totalling more than $330,000 in remaining value – however this figure includes the amount of the automatic top-ups even if the payment didn’t go through or whether the customer transferred the value to another Hop card.”

Auckland Transport are apparently working on an AT HOP website improvement project which is including updating its notification emails. I will be looking forward to the updated website, which hopefully won’t contain “This site has been designed to work with Internet Explorer 8.0+”!