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I think I’ve Gotten into the Pokemon Go Craze

Pokemon Go

Don’t worry, I won’t be posting Pokemon Go articles every day! In fact I’ve actually been trying to hold off on playing the game since it got released in New Zealand at the beginning of this month. However, I decided to try it out fully yesterday to see what all the fuss was really about. 

Signed up, installed and almost ready to go, I was having trouble think of a nickname that other Pokemon Trainers can call me, without it already being taken! After the millionth time, I finally got one! Welcome PokeMaster23998!

Driving to various hotspots in my neighbourhood, then getting out and walking closer to the spot, revealed yet other like-minded people doing the same thing! I mean, you just look at them and you already know if they’re playing Pokemon Go or just texting someone. It’s that catchy! Which can be a good thing and a bad thing I guess! The good things being, more kids (and adults) out walking and doing some sort of exercise, more ‘bonding’ time with each other. The bad things, getting completely distracted from your surroundings, Pokemon Go and driving.

So why are so many people playing this game? What is the point of this game? Well, I don’t even know myself! If I were to guess, it’s because the game incorporates real-life because of the augmented reality when catching a Pokemon, and maybe perhaps because Pokemon reminds us of our childhood. It’s very rare to ask someone if they watched Pokemon when they were younger and they said no. Japanese people always make fun, cute and addictive characters! Does Yu-Gi-Oh ring a bell?

The catch phrase of this game seems to be “Gotta Catch ’em all!” There, that’s the point of this game, in one sentence!

So anyway, I managed to catch a mighty 3 Pokemon; lots of the Pokestops I went past didn’t have any Pokemon at them so that was tough luck for me!

Pokemon Go 3

After a mighty 30 minutes I’m over halfway on level 2 and thought that would be enough for the day!

What level are you on and what’s your most strongest Pokemon to date?

Two people who comment by 6PM Thursday 21st of July, will win a Spark $10 2GB Data Boost pack which they can use for two weeks from upon activation! Activation must be before the 25th of July, and two people chosen will be random, and hopefully be on Spark.