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Using Bluetooth Devices on Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand Premium Economy SpaceSeat
Air New Zealand Premium Economy SpaceSeat

Air New Zealand now permit the use of handheld, personal Bluetooth devices from departure gate to arrival gate. This lifted restriction will apply to any service flown on Air New Zealand’s domestic and international network.

The ability to use wireless everything on-board is now a reality as I won’t have to connect up my Sennheiser MM 550-X headphones using wires, or have to worry about turning off my Fitbit Blaze, while in mid-air.

Anyone with an Apple Watch, any other Bluetooth headsets, or even if you are thinking of using a wireless mouse and keyboard with your laptop in mid-air, are able to do so freely. And judging from the fact that the media release said “gate to gate”, this means you are still able to listen to your music via Bluetooth, while taking off, landing or taxiing on the runway.

Air New Zealand had secured approval from the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand for Bluetooth use on-board following comprehensive testing conducted across its fleet.

The use of Bluetooth devices ‘gate to gate’ will be limited to common lightweight, handheld personal electronic devices (PEDs), or for large PED devices during cruise. High-power industrial devices are not permitted to be used on Air New Zealand aircraft, which is understandable given that they may use more transmitting power and disrupt airline communications.

The ability to use Bluetooth devices on Air New Zealand operated flights will start from Thursday 21st of July.