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Are you sick of mowing your lawn?

Husqvarna Automower 330X

Every second week or so you will most likely have to give up some of that precious weekend to go out and mow your lawn. In winter, it may be every 3 or 4 weeks, and even then you would have to find a time that isn’t raining. Wouldn’t it be more convenient if the lawn could mow itself? With the Husqvarna Automower, it certainly can!

If you are like me who dreads having to mow the lawn for an hour or so every second week, you can either pour concrete all over the grass, or still have a nice lush grass area, but have it maintained automatically for you with a robotic lawnmower.

The Husqvarna Automower currently has four models in its range, each differing with various features, and can manage up to 6,000m2 of lawn in any weather. Rough terrain and slopes are also no problem for the Automower as it can handle slopes up to 45%, depending on which model Automower you buy into.

The robotic lawnmower which can handle slopes as much as 45% is the Husqvarna Automower 330X. This is the latest and greatest model currently produced by Husqvarna, and it even has GPS navigation built-in, so it can see exactly which parts of the lawn may require more mowing.

Each model from the Husqvarna Automower range can handle different types of grass difficulty, and working area capacity. The basic Husqvarna Automower 305 model is more suitable for smaller lawn areas, up to 500m2. This should be suitable for most New Zealand urban homes, but may require a bigger model for rural areas in New Zealand. Because in New Zealand, we love our lush, green grass!

The largest model of the company’s robotic lawnmowers is the Husqvarna Automower 265 ACX. This model was made especially for the large, complex homes, in urban and rural New Zealand. It has a working area capacity of up to a whopping 6000m2 of lawn! This would be great for mansions such as Kim Dotcom’s previous Coastesville home. Wait, his lawn area covers around 226,000m2, which means he would have needed 38 of the Husqvarna Automower 265 ACX, in order to fully maintain his lawns robotic-ally! Imagine 38 of these Automowers working in tandem to mow 22.6ha of lawn! It’ll look like gigantic ants from above!

If you are like me and like to have the latest and greatest model of anything, the Husqvarna Automower 330X should fit the bill. And speaking of bills, this model will set you back a whopping $5000! While the working area capacity of this lawnmower doesn’t match the 265 ACX’ numbers, it still does more than the basic models: it covers 3200m2. This should still be more than sufficient for most New Zealand urban homes.

The second best thing I like about the Husqvarna Automowers (as first best thing is that it’s automatic), is its ability to know when it’s low on charge, go back to the charging dock and charge itself. And after it will automatically resume its work.

The Husqvarna Automowers know what parts of your grass need to be mowed because of the boundary wires. The initial setup of the Automower will require you to mark the outlines and around trees/plants/concrete areas which you don’t want mowed. After this, the Automower will do the rest!

The Husqvarna Automowers cut a little bit of grass but more frequently. Opposed to cutting lots of grass, less frequently on traditional lawn mowers, this enables the grass to become more ‘healthy’. There is no catcher as the little bits of grass goes straight back into the soil and nutrients the grass. A bonus!

Overall the purpose of a Husqvarna Automower is to hopefully relieve you of your lawn-mowing duties, or at least reduce the time significantly that you have to spend on them. One question I do have is, how much will it cost on electricity alone I wonder?