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Where Did the Lyrics on Spotify Go?

Spotify Humming is Fun

If you have noticed when you pressed the Lyrics button on Spotify recently, it would come up with the above screenshot saying “Humming is fun”. This is because Spotify and Musixmatch (the ex-lyrics provider for Spotify) have ended their partnership after several years. Improvements for Spotify lyrics is coming, but there is no timeline as to when we can expect to see the lyrics feature back on Spotify.

The lyrics feature was removed from the Spotify desktop app on May 27th 2016.

It is not known exactly what caused the ending of the partnership, but according to a statement said by Musixmatch, it sounded like there was a bit of discord. Musixmatch and Spotify’s business strategies were apparently heading in different directions and so Musixmatch didn’t want to “harm its business”.

“We regret the end of this partnership, but we must keep to our product and our users above all else. We will not allow anybody to ignore our business model,” said the Musixmatch company.

Spotify also confirmed the two respective businesses were moving in separate directions.

“We can confirm our partnership with Musixmatch is ending. It was a great partnership and there is mutual respect between both companies as our business strategies move us each in different directions,” said a Spotify spokesperson in a statement.

In the meantime, the Musixmatch mobile apps will continue to work with Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming apps for paying subscribers.

Spotify users wanting to sing along to their favourite music can search for the lyrics on Google and sing along from there.