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Dyson Hot + Cool Fan Heaters

Dyson AM09 Fan Heater

While the mercury has definitely plummeted here in Auckland within the last couple of weeks, it certainly is the time to turn on those heaters and/or heat pumps. A lot of people will have the traditional fan blade heaters which have a visible fan blade blowing on a visible heated element inside the unit. Dyson on the other hand, have unveiled another model (the AM09) of their unique blade-less fan heaters, which also incorporate their Air Multiplier technology for long -range heat projection.

There are no visible heating elements or fast-spinning blades, and the unit switches off automatically if tipped over.

Because of this, Dyson’s fans and heaters are one of the most safest devices out there; no kid will stick their hands in the fan blades, no person will get too close to the fan and get their hair all tangled up.

By refining and channelling the airflow, Dyson engineers have developed AM09, a fan heater which enables you to switch between ‘direct focus’ mode for personal heating, or ‘diffuse’ mode for full room heating in the winter – and cooling in the summer.

How it works

AM09 is Dyson’s latest bladeless fan heater. Inspired by the Coanda effect, which causes air to change direction as it travels over a surface, it is the only machine engineered to use Dyson Jet Focus Technology.

For concentrated personal heating and cooling, air is released from a jet and accelerated over an airfoil shaped ramp to produce a narrow flow of air. For whole room use a second jet of air joins the first, broadening its angle, to produce a wide stream of powerful airflow.

Coupled with Dyson Jet Focus Technology, AM09 is now 75% quieter than AM05 due to improved airflow pathways and a new aerodynamic diffuser. This simplifies the path the air takes, reducing unnecessary turbulence.

Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology on the other hand works by having streams of air drawn in by an energy-efficient, brushless motor. It is then accelerated through an annular aperture, passing over an airfoil-shaped ramp, which draws in more air and channels its direction. This creates and projects powerful, smooth, high velocity airflow.

Along with their other unique products, in my opinion, Dyson have some of the coolest household appliances (and industrial appliances such as the Airblade Hand Dryers which can dry your hands in 10-12 seconds). Dyson are always investing their money into research on new technology on how to “solve problems others seem to ignore.”

Dyson NZ will also be shortly announcing their new barrel vacuum cleaners which don’t topple over like many traditional vacuum cleaners would do. It also features Dyson’s new Cinetic technology.

For more information on Dyson products please visit: http://www.dyson.co.nz/. You will not be disappointed!

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