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[Review] Panasonic Wireless WINGS Earphones (BTS30)

Panasonic Wireless Wings Earphones

If you didn’t know already, the Panasonic Wireless WINGS earphones are the official headphones of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games! Not that you came here to read that. Thanks to Panasonic I was given the opportunity to test out the BTS30 WINGS earphones.

These earphones are great for people who are always physically active and sporty. The 3D Flex Sport Clips fix around your ear to prevent the earphones from falling off while running. And it doesn’t matter if you have big ears like mine because the clips are able to be flexed in order to fit your ear the best.

Being sports earphones, they are naturally IPX4 rated, meaning they are resistant to rain and sweat.

The earphones are also easy to pair: just hold down the power button until the red and blue LED light starts flashing. That means it is ready to be paired.

The earphones lasted me around 7 hours of charge (I did not measure this in one go, but tracked each time I turned it on and off).

There is an in-built mic and volume controller on the flat cord.

If you do perhaps run out of battery like I did in the middle of a studying session, a quick 15-minute plug-in will get you about an hour of music playback before it goes flat again.

If you want to know a technical spec of the WINGS earphones, they have dual 9mm neodymium drivers for “deep, rich bass and bright natural treble.

The Panasonic WINGS earphones come with S/M/L earpads, a short microUSB charging cable, instruction manuals, and a soft carrying pouch.

These are now my go to earphones instead of the Blackbox C20’s corded earphones. But they will still be used when and if I go travelling on an airplane, where the noise-cancelling features on the C20s are very good in-flight.

You can also get the 50% more expensive BTS50 WINGS earphones, and the only difference between these and them is that they are fully waterproof (IPX5 rated) and have 12mm drivers instead of the 9mm.

The Panasonic Wireless WINGS (BTS30) earphones are available from JB HiFi and Harvey Norman retailers nationwide with an RRP of $200.