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[Review] 2015 Ford Everest Titanium SUV

2015 Ford Everest Titanium SUV 21

[Update 23/08/16: Changed incorrect kerb weight of the Ford Everest.]

The 2015 Ford Everest SUV. What can I say, it’s a very very big vehicle. It’s even bigger than the Ford Ranger or any other Utes. As soon as I got into this vehicle I felt like I was on top of the world considering how high I sat above everyone else on the road. The pictures below will tell you how big the Ford Everest is compared to a small family sedan.

2015 Ford Everest Titanium SUV 20

2015 Ford Everest Titanium SUV 19

Ford gave me the top Everest model which was the Titanium. This had a 3.2L Duratorq Diesel TDCi engine which is standard on both the Trend and Titanium Everest models. It gives 140kW of power and 470Nm of peak torque. Even though this is a 3.2L engine, it weighs 3.5 tonnes! 2.5 tonnes on the kerb!

2015 Ford Everest Titanium SUV 12

Acceleration was not the quickest out of all the cars I’ve tested, but the way this thing drives, you know it’s one of the most powerful and toughest vehicles out there in the market today. I mean, if you were to literally go head to head with another car (which you hopefully don’t), you would feel pretty safe in this beast.

2015 Ford Everest Titanium SUV 17

2015 Ford Everest Towing

I didn’t have anything close to 3 tonnes to tow, so was unfortunately unable to test out the power when towing something as much as 3 tonnes. It sure would’ve been fun though! The weight stats on how much stuff the Ford Everest can handle is very impressive: The Everest has room for an additional 750kg of payload with another 100kg on the roof. You can also tow up to 3,000kg so that “takes care of the boat or jetski!”

2015 Ford Everest Titanium SUV 6

What I liked about this vehicle is that while it is a 2015 modern vehicle, it still had the equipment of some classic cars, for example the good ol’ handbrake. No electric park brake, no foot brake, but a good ol’ hand brake. When you’re towing something as much as 2.5 tonnes, you’ll want to feel like the brakes still work by engaging the good ol’ classic handbrake. I’m definitely not saying that electric park brakes aren’t good, but for me, it feels a lot more secure.

It also doesn’t have key-less entry or push start-stop button, so again, it’s combining the good ol’ classics with a powerful vehicle.

Ford SYNC2 Entertainment System

Technology wise, it has the usual Bluetooth functionality, and has the classic Ford SYNC2 entertainment system you get with current Ford vehicles. The system is pretty easy to navigate, follow and use and all the features on the entertainment system are pretty easy to use. As you can see from the above image, the screen is split four ways for four different functionalities: Phone, Navigation, Audio and Climate. Speaking of classics, it even has a compass when you’re not using the navigation!

2015 Ford Everest Titanium SUV 14

Climate controls can be controlled directly from the SYNC2 entertainment system or can be controlled manually from the buttons and knobs below the entertainment system. Butt warmers are also included for those early morning drives to work, school or whatever, during winter. You can have your butt warmed to: rare, medium rare and well done.

2015 Ford Everest Titanium SUV 9 2015 Ford Everest Titanium SUV 10

2015 Ford Everest Titanium SUV 7

The inside cabin of the Ford Everest is very spacious and luxurious. There is even a full AC power adapter for you to charge your laptop or work tools in!

2015 Ford Everest Titanium SUV 18
Look at how well this washing machine can fit inside the Ford Everest!

During my week with the Ford Everest, it did manage to help me on one occasion. We had bought a new washing machine and fortunately the Ford Everest was able to transport that home for us. Look at how beautifully that fits inside! It is a seven seater so the rear seats were able to be fully flattened to accommodate this large piece of equipment. The 3rd row seats are even power fold seats meaning that all you had to do to flatten them was to push a button and voila! SUVs like these are certainly the way to go!

2015 Ford Everest Titanium SUV 1

2015 Ford Everest Titanium SUV 4
The tyres are pretty big!

Modern safety features are also included on the 2015 Ford Everest Titanium. Active Park Assist, which automatically finds an available parking space and parks for you, Blind Spot alerts and Rear Cross Traffic Alert for those vehicles you can’t see when you’re reversing out of a parking spot. Rear view camera, Lane Keeping Aid and Adaptive Cruise Control with Collision Warning are all part of the package on the Titanium model of the Ford Everest.

Speaking of Collision Warning, I noticed that Ford tend to have a proximity sensor on the front of the dashboard which project heavy red lights onto the windscreen. If it senses a potential collision it will blink rapidly and sound an audible warning noise that you will not be able to not hear.

2015 Ford Everest Titanium SUV 15

The Ford Everest is absolutely a 4WD vehicle. It has an advanced Terrain Management System, which you can specify which terrain you are on for maximum control, stability and traction on certain terrain.

Sand, mud/snow or rock – whatever is in front of you, the New Everest will take it on.

I have never been water wading with a vehicle, and am still unfortunate this time. However, the Ford Everest can water wade for up to 800mm and also has a ground clearance of 225mm. This will seriously be a good work vehicle for workers who have to climb mountains almost daily, such as construction workers. I guess that’s why they must’ve named the Ford Everest after Mount Everest.

2015 Ford Everest Hill Descent Control

Two more heavy duty features on the Ford Everest include the Hill Descent Control and the Electronic Locking Rear Differential. Hill Descent Control automatically brakes the vehicle to take you downhill at a controlled and steady pace. This lets you concentrate on steering your Everest exactly where you want it. Electronic Locking Rear Differential on the other hand lets you enjoy ultimate grip and traction as well as full engine torque on both rear wheels, even if one wheel is off the ground.

2015 Ford Everest Titanium SUV 13

The steering wheel is electric power assisted so even with all the weight on the Ford Everest, steering and handling can still be a breeze.

Overall, I have been very happy and excited about driving the 2015 Ford Everest Titanium SUV. This is a perfect example of where a vehicle can be used for both work and play, while still being pretty fuel efficient! The technical specs on the Ford website say that this diesel vehicle uses 8.5L/100KM. I got around 9.4L/100KM which still isn’t bad for the amount of power and torque this beast has.

The 2015 Ford Everest Titanium SUV pricing starts from $87,990 and the slightly lower model the Trend, starts from $75,990. You can view the Ford Everest here: http://www.ford.co.nz/suvs/new-everest