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Have You Seen The Tesla Model 3?

Tesla Model 3

Wow! Absolutely no words to describe the Tesla Model 3, but being a blog, I’m going to try and describe how I feel about the new car from Elon Musk and his team, as best I can. While Tesla did not reveal a whole lot of features about the Tesla Model 3, the prototype Model 3 looks very stylish, albeit people thinking that it should have a grille at the front of the vehicle, instead of it being covered up.

Elon Musk seemed very nervous when talking to the audience last Friday, but nevertheless the audience were still very supportive and clapped and cheered throughout the event.

The Tesla Model 3 all-electric vehicle can:

  • go an average of 345KM per full charge,
  • go 0-100KM in under 6 seconds,
  • seat 5 adults,
  • is designed specially around safety (Elon Musk said that the “customer’s safety was our top priority),
  • have autopilot safety features (Looking forward to this!),
  • have Supercharging capability (These are Tesla’s insanely quick chargers built specifically to charge Tesla Models around the globe, in strategically placed locations.)

While Tesla Motors currently have a big fat zero presence in New Zealand, we can rejoice that the new Tesla Model 3 will be available in New Zealand! I can not give you a specific date or even a timeframe, as the earliest date that Elon Musk has suggested for first delivery is late 2017: that’s more than a year away and that is only for those customers who already have a Tesla vehicle too!

Elon Musk had noted before the launch of the Tesla Model 3 that it would be an affordable but still has great performance, vehicle. That is true as the starting price for the new all electric vehicle is just $35,000 USD! Technically, if converted to NZD it would be around $50,000 NZD. However, I just have a feeling that that price might be bumped up to around the $70k mark, just because they feel like it.

People are able to “reserve” their Tesla Model 3 now by paying a deposit of $1000. Again, no specific date has been said for delivery, and current Tesla customers have delivery priority of the Model 3. It’s gonna be a long wait people!

In the meantime, enjoy some of the photos of the Tesla Model 3:

Tesla Model 3 (1) Tesla Model 3 (2) Tesla Model 3 (3) Tesla Model 3 (4) Tesla Model 3 (5)