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[Video] The Samsung Smart Windshield Concept

Samsung Smart Windshield Concept

Samsung have presented to the world a concept that may appeal to motorcyclists alike. The Samsung Smart Windshield is only a concept and is not yet a product for sale. It emphasises the safety of the rider of a motorcycle by producing a head-up display for the motorcyclist; a small projector that beams onto the motorcyclist’s or scooter’s windscreen that is connected to your smartphone.

You may be thinking why can’t the motorcyclist just check his/her phone when they are parked on the side of the road, as this still creates a danger of the driver possibly losing focus of the road ahead of him/her, however, useful features like navigation will be made easier for the rider thanks to this concept.

The Samsung Smart Windshield concept lets the rider see navigation, see who’s called, emailed or texted you, and even send out automatic texts to people who’ve texted you, to let them know you’re on the move.

While this is only a concept, Samsung are not the first to show off this type of technology for two-wheeled vehicles. BMW have also shown off their concept of a motorcycle helmet with a built-in head-up display.

While some people think this concept when turned into a real life product will think it’s more of a distraction for the rider, some will also make good use of it while on the road. Besides, you as a driver are probably already watching a second screen in your vehicle for directions too!