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My Current Smartphone Plan

My Smartphone plan

I regularly check my emails, Facebook and Twitter notifications, Feedly feed, listen to music and manage NZ TechBlog on the go. Therefore I require a smart phone plan that has enough data, texts and minutes for the month, and perhaps some “extras” such as Spotify Premium as a bonus. Spark NZ currently has my business as I think it has the best value for my needs at the moment.

Currently I am on Spark’s $19 Prepaid Music Plan which includes 500 texts, 50 minutes and 500MB of data. And because Spark and Spotify have extended their partnership, my plan also includes free Spotify Premium as part of the deal. Sweet! Because I’m also a student, on top of the current plan offerings I also get 500MB additional data plus unlimited Spark to Spark calling as well. This brings my total data allowance to 1GB! Yes, 1GB is not necessarily enough for me, but with careful planning, monitoring and usage of data, I can usually get through the month with 1GB of data.

Spark also have their WiFi hotspots around the country, so if you were like me who went through their data allowance on home broadband (Yes you may be wondering why I’m not on an unlimited plan at home), you can drive to the nearest Spark WiFi hotspot to watch the Warriors vs Melbourne Storm game last week! Spark are currently offering 2GB data allowance per day on their hotspots which if you happen to use them, are a pretty decent offer!