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Join Slingshot Broadband and Get $100 Free Credit

Full disclosure: I am a customer of Slingshot NZ and have been for quite a few years now. This article also contains an affiliate link.

Slingshot Refer a Friend

[Update 22 Feb 2017: Unfortunately Slingshot have informed me that this Refer a Friend offer is no longer running.]

Slingshot NZ currently have a “Refer a Friend” offer which if you sign up via my link, we both get a $100 free credit upon you activating your account. Who wouldn’t want a $100 free credit just for signing up to Slingshot’s services?!

We have been a customer of Slingshot for over four years now and the reason why we are still on Slingshot is firstly because their social media support have been very impressive and helpful (If something can be done online, I usually resort to that first before having to call up to a customer service center), and secondly because their ADSL Broadband and Homeline are still considered to be one of the cheapest in NZ right now. We are currently on the 100GB ADSL Broadband with Homeline plan which costs $74.95 per month. Several other providers have prices starting from $94.99 per month on a very similar plan (20GB less data to be precise, with homeline included).

Unfortunately we are two years away from having Ultra-fast broadband (UFB). If I was to join a provider on UFB right now, I would most likely go with BigPipe because they have the cheapest 100/20Mbps (DL/UL) unlimited plan out there right now, at only $79 per month.

If you are wanting to sign up to Slingshot’s broadband/mobile services, now is the best time to do so, considering they are giving you and I the chance to get a free $100 credit upon signing up using my link: https://www.slingshot.co.nz/?voucherCode=YPJ5MT .