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Facebook Messenger’s Very-Addictive Basketball Game

Facebook Messenger Basketball Game

All of a sudden, one day, one of my friends were “setting a new high score playing basketball” on a group chat. I didn’t take much notice of it the first few days as I assumed it was someone changing a nickname for themselves on the chat. However, the next few days I finally decided to read the tiny letters again and saw the word ‘Play’. I click on it, and next thing I know, I’m totally addicted to playing the very simple basketball game!

I don’t know what’s so catchy about this very simple game, but it sure is addictive! If we break it down to what makes it so addictive, is probably the fact that there is a Score system going on, and humans just love being better than other humans. Therefore, it is one’s ego to try get a higher score than your “opponent friend”.

It is actually a very simple game, much simpler than say Flappy Bird. All one has to do is to flick the basketball from the bottom of the screen, into the hoop. After each 10 consecutive successful throws, it gets slightly harder. The hoop starts moving across the screen!

As you can see from the screenshot at the beginning of this article, my highest score is 38 so far and hopefully I will be able to beat my own high score soon!

If anyone else is playing this very addictive game, let us know why you think you are so addictive to playing this basketball game on Messenger.