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Sending files between your phone and laptop wirelessly

Lenovo ShareIt

Most of the time when I want to transfer a photo or two from my phone to the computer, I would have to unplug the USB cable from the charger and plug it into my laptop, and the other end into my phone. For large file transfers it would be worth it, but having to do that just for a photo or two just for Trade Me is a bit of a hassle. Instead, I now use ShareIt, a Lenovo app that lets me wirelessly send files to and from my phone in an instant through WiFi technology.

Lenovo ShareIt Description

While connecting both your sending device and receiving device to the same WiFi network to transfer files is possible, an active WiFi network is not actually needed. It only needs your device’s WiFi radio. This is possible through a technology called SoftAP which creates a personal network to which other devices can attach and send or receive files to.

However, in saying that, iOS devices do not support off network sharing, which means if you have an iOS device, in order to send and receive files using ShareIt, you will both have to be connected to the same WiFi network in order to use it.

Lenovo ShareIt PC and Phone

I’ve been impressed with the file transfer speed and ShareIt is what I’ll be using from now on to transfer files between my phones, computer and tablets.

Did I mention it even has a Windows Phone app?