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Transferring my Photos/Videos to Google Photos from Dropbox

Google Photos

The day has come where most of my free Dropbox storage space gotten from past promotions have expired, and have been looking for a new cloud photo storage provider. After considerable research and contemplating which provider would have the best features and solution, I decided to finally bite the bullet today and transfer all my photos/videos to Google Photos.

Some of the features I was looking for in a cloud photo storage provider was that it had to have an app that would automatically upload photos/videos from my PC laptop, and from iOS/Android devices. I do have a Nokia Lumia 930 Windows Phone that is currently not being used at the moment, so I won’t have to worry about not having an app for Google Photos for Windows Phone at the moment. Currently I have an iPhone 6s and 6s Plus for a review and these cameras seem to take pretty good pictures (apart from low light photos)!

Another feature that appealed to me was that I could store “Unlimited High Quality” photos/videos for free! Only catch is that the maximum resolution the photo is allowed in the free storage is 16MP and 1080P for videos. Otherwise, you can choose to save them at the original resolution (if above the specified ‘free’ resolutions) counting towards your limited storage quota. This meant I didn’t have to worry about expiring storage quotas like on Dropbox.

When uploading photos to Google Photos, it automatically sorts out and categorises your photos into time frames. This means you don’t have to manually sort out your photos/videos, but because I am an organised person, I already sorted my media out into folders while they were on Dropbox. However, I am a bit disappointed that my folders aren’t automatically appearing as albums on Google Photos, so I may have to re-organise around 4,000 photos into albums again..!

Google Photos also lets you search for say, pictures of your dog even if you yourself haven’t categorised or told Google that this picture contains a dog. This may sound creepy to you at first, and it sounds like Google is using some image-recognising technology.

Plus, you may be wondering why Google is offering free, unlimited storage of photos and videos to you? I’ll leave that question for you to answer…

Google Photos Backup

I am on ADSL so theoretical upload speed is 1Mbps. I started uploading this afternoon, and now have around 3,000 photos left to upload, after starting off with about 4,000. It’s gonna take a while!