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The New Web-Based Outlook Mail Is Awful!

New Outlook.com
Example of the new Outlook Mail (Preview)

Since recently, one of my work emails (hosted by Outlook.com when it supported custom domains) has been upgraded to the new Outlook Mail design, with a ‘Preview’ word next to it, without any warning. I can tell you (and Microsoft) that this new Outlook Mail is outrageous! This is the web-based version we are talking about as well!

I know it’s just a preview, so here are some of the things that are irritating me.

It’s As Slow As A Snail…

Every click, whether it is trying to open a message in my inbox, or trying to click “New” “Reply” etc. to send a message, searching for mail, clicking “download” for an image takes ridiculously long to register the click! After a few seconds does it finally realise that I want to send a message, delete a message, or download an image from a message.

It Won’t Tell Me How Many Messages I Have In a Folder Even After Selecting All of Them

Sometimes you just need to see how many messages are in a folder!

Can’t Move A Sub-Folder Back to the Main List of Folders After Accidentally Moving it

So I have tried right-clicking > Move but it just doesn’t want to move itself back to the main list of Folders!

The Deleted Email Recovery Function Isn’t Working

Nothing shows up apart from dates on a calendar, which currently makes no sense to me right now…

The main thing that is irritating me is actually how slow it is. Things that used to take 1 second now takes literally 5+ seconds to do the exact same thing! And according to the Microsoft Answers Forum, I’m not the only one who is having trouble nor liking this new ‘Preview’.

Most people had been upgraded to this new ‘Preview’ version of Outlook Mail without a warning and now they can’t switch back to the old “likeable” version until Microsoft can sort their stuff out.