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[Review] Uniden Portable Jump Start Kit

Uniden Portable Jump Start Kit

You have probably been in that unfortunate incident where your car just won’t start and there isn’t anyone around you with a jumper lead. In come the Uniden Portable Jump Start Kit! This portable jump start kit can recharge a flat car battery, power up a variety of USB devices and even pump up your car, bike tires and even sports balls all by itself! This means you won’t have to wait around for a long time, just for that roadside assistance van to jump start your car, whereas you could do it in less than 5 minutes!Uniden Jump Start Kit 5

The Uniden Portable Jump Start Kit is powered by a 12-volt battery pack itself. This is sufficient to jump-start cars around 1000 times, during its entire battery lifecycle. This is how easy it is to jump start your car in case of emergency:

Uniden Portable Jump Start Instructions

Yes, that simple!

Uniden Jump Start Kit 4
Ports on the Battery Unit

The additional features (torch, portable air pump and USB device charger) make up the “kit” in the Uniden Portable Jump Start Kit. I would be damned if there wasn’t a single person in the car with a USB-powered device. Therefore it is now considered equally important to be able to have a portable battery pack to recharge those smartphone, tablets, iPods and even certain cameras! With enough power to start a motor vehicle, the Jump Start Kit also includes a 2-1 mini USB/microUSB cable for these moments:

Low Battery Alert

The included air pump lets you inflate your own tires while on the road. The air pump has a pressure gauge with an in-built air house. What’s more is that it also includes a sports ball needle! And because it’s all electric-powered, it means you don’t have to manually pump it up too!

Uniden Jump Start Kit 3

Both the main battery pack and air pump have a torch on them. The torch on the air pump automatically turns on once turned on and connected to the battery power source.

What I really like about the Uniden Portable Jump Start Kit is how portable it is! Its slim and lightweight case makes it easy to be stored just about anywhere in the car whether it be under the passenger seat, or in the boot.

Uniden Jump Start Kit

And just in case you didn’t know how to use it, simple instructions on the inside tell you exactly how to jump start a vehicle, including what clippers go to which sign, and how to use the air pump.

Also included is a cigarette adapter cable for you to charge the jump start battery kit in your car.

Uniden Jump Start Kit 2

In conclusion, the Uniden Portable Jump Start Kit is a must-have accessory in your car as it can allow you to jump-start your car battery without having to wait long for roadside assistance, inflate your own tires with the included air pump, and even charge up your dead smartphones and tablets! The best thing about it is how light and slim the entire package is, which makes it easy to carry around practically anywhere you go!

For more information, please visit: http://www.uniden.co.nz/NEW_ZEALAND/p_upp120_index.asp