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[Review] Blackbox C20 Active Noise Cancelling Earphones

Blackbox C20 Earphones

I have been testing out some “head” phones recently, and I thought I needed to test out some “ear” phones as I think earphones are more suited for that ‘grab-and-go’ option especially if you’re going out for the day and will be on your feet a lot. You will want to travel light, which is why earphones are great for just chucking into your pocket and forgetting about it until you need them! Here I present to you, the Blackbox C20 Active Noise Cancelling Earphones!

Just a bit of background on Active Noise Cancelling, they actively cancel out external noise, by creating sound waves of their own! This in turn ‘neutralizes’ those outside, external sound waves meaning that most of the sounds you should hear are from your own music.

BlackBox C20 Active Noise Cancelling Earphones 3


Blackbox earphones/headphones come with a special Active Noise Rejection technology. According to their website:

Active Noise Rejection uses the signal received from microphones within Blackbox headphones and earphones to constantly monitor and analyse sound entering the ear canal and will compare this sound signal to that which is coming from the original audio source.

BlackBox C20 Active Noise Cancelling Earphones 5

And as with all Active Noise Cancelling headphones, they require additional power to be able to generate the counter-sound-waves, so these Blackbox C20 earphones require a “AAA” battery. This battery does last a good 24-28 hours of music listening, and when it does go flat, it will let you know well in advance by the green flashing LED light. If it does run out of juice, you are still able to use the earphones but it just means that the Active Noise Cancelling part of the earphones won’t work. So make sure you have a spare battery just in case!

BlackBox C20 Active Noise Cancelling Earphones

Unboxing the Blackbox C20 earphones came with the earphones of course, a hard carry case, dual 3.5MM stereo airline adapter, battery, cable clip, spare earbuds and the manual.

Blackbox C20 Earphones Included Items

The earphones itself are pretty lightweight weighing in at 28 grams, and apart from the battery holder, look and feel just like regular earphones. The cable on the earphones seem pretty tough unlike some cheap earphones which have a very thin cable. This can also show the quality of the cable too!

There is also a volume control with mic clip, which you can pause/play music on iOS and Android, however, volume buttons (as is the same with most other earphones) don’t work on Android. The push center button also allows you to do the following:

  • 1x (pause)
  • 2x (advance to next track)
  • 3x (return to start of current track)

What I really like about these earphones is that for the price of $179.95 , you really can’t beat the quality of these Blackbox C20 earphones. The ear canal fits perfectly into the respective ear, left or right, and once you turn on Active Noise Cancellation, you are basically zoned out from the rest of the world. Yes, you can still hear a bit of external noise (it actually feels like you’re in a compact tunnel, and some people may not like that feeling) but once you start playing music, you won’t even notice the tunnel feeling.

I have been using them on the bus a lot as I travel longer than an hour on a single journey, so they are a joy to use as I can zone out from the noisy kids on the bus during peak times.

For more information on the Blackbox C20 Earphones, please visit: https://www.blackboxonline.com/collections/products/products/c20-active-noise-cancelling-earphones-with-telephony