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[Review] Philips Shaver Series 9000 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver

Philips Shaver Series 9000 1

Thanks to Philips, I got to test out their Shaver Series 9000 face shaver. The Shaver Series 9000 has new features compared to its predecessors. These include its unique contour detect technology which smartly covers over the contours of your face, and the V-Track system which guides hairs into the best cutting position for the closest result.

Philips Shaver Series 9000 6

Firstly I’d like to say how sleek these new shavers are. Some of the previous shavers (not just Philip branded ones) were pretty big (fat) and a tad on the heavy side, but the new Shaver Series 9000 by Philips are pretty well shaped and sized: easy for the hands and face!

Philips Shaver Series 9000 4

Unboxing the Shaver Series 9000 was pretty straightforward. Included in the box is the electric shaver itself, a hard carrying case, charging cord, a SmartClick detail trimmer, and some instruction manuals.

For men who like to shave in the shower, you can be rest assured that the Shaver Series 9000 is completely waterproof, which means you can continue to shave with this electric shaver, in the shower.

When I first got the shaver, I immediately put it to charge. The three-level battery indicator tells you when the shaver needs charging, or when it’s fully charged. According to Philips, a one hour charge can give you 50 minutes of cordless use. From empty (when the battery indicator was flashing) to full took me about one hour of charging.

One of the benefits of the Shaver Series 9000 is the ability to wet or dry shave. I prefer to wet shave with shaving cream as it suits my skin better than dry shaving. I can tell you that going from razor shaving to this electric shaver, that it had no impact on my skin whatsoever, so that was a great relief not to be covered with rashes the next day.

And with the Contour Detect Technology, the shaver head can flex in eight different directions for getting an even closer shave.

Philips Shaver Series 9000 7


Even the shaver itself was contoured to fit your hand!

I’d also thought I would mention how quiet the shaver is! Some of the shavers I have used in the past had quite a big humming noise, but the Shaver Series 9000 was quieter than those, with only a slight vibration on the skin.

Philips Shaver Series 9000 5
The Philips Shaver comes with an interchangeable head – Detail Trimmer

A convenient feature of the Shaver Series 9000 is the SmartClick mechanism on the shaver. This means I can switch out the shaver head and slot in the detail trimmer for those sideburns. All it takes is to pull the shaver head straight out, and push the detail trimmer in, hence why it is called SmartClick!

The model I received is the S9111/12. This model did not come with the SmartClean holder, however, since my model is already waterproof, it was already a breeze to clean it myself. Just pull out the shaver head and rinse under clean, cold water! Philips also recommends that you switch out the heads every two years of use.

Philips Shaver Series 9000 3

Because it is an electric shaver, there is also a travel lock you can activate so it doesn’t turn on while you’re on the move, or if your kids randomly start playing with it. Push-and-hold the power button and after a few seconds the device will lock/unlock. This goes well with the included travel pouch.

After a couple of weeks use of the Shaver Series 9000 I can truly say that it is well worth the investment for a good quality electric shaver. Coming in at a RRP of $499.95, this shaver could be quite expensive for some people, however, if you take good care of the shaver, you should be able to get quite a few good years of use out of it. If it doesn’t, Philips do offer a two-year warranty on it so if it does break down, you can return it and get a new one!

An electric shaver can shave off quite a bit of time (as well as hair!) off of your normal shaving routine, as it has with mine. Now instead of taking up to 20 minutes, I can be done in just 10 minutes! For men with more hair, you will definitely see the difference in time between a manual razor and an electric shaver. You can tell that I don’t have much hair to shave off by my shaving time!

For more information on the Philips Shaver Series 9000, please visit: http://www.philips.co.nz/c-p/S9111_12/shaver-series-9000-wet-and-dry-electric-shaver-with-smartclick-precision-trimmer-and-aquatec-wet-dry/overview