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Comparison of SmartDNS providers


I managed to find a pretty decent website comparing all the SmartDNS providers out there at the moment. SmartDNS has just launched its official website and will be providing reviews on most, if not all, SmartDNS providers.

SmartDNS’ mission is:

to connect you with the best streaming content and device so you never miss a show again.

Currently they are doing a launch party by doing a giveaway of sorts, including the ability to win a Smart TV of your choice, of up to 1,500 USD. The website owners have confirmed to me that it is a worldwide giveaway as “SmartDNS allows you to be more global, so we thought it be relevant if the competition wasn’t georestricted.”

Good choice!

Some of the other prizes include a Netflix gift card, a Hulu Plus Annual Account and HideIPVPN Annual Account.

Apart from offering comparisons on different SmartDNS providers, they also post recent news on their site regarding the latest TV and internet-streaming services. Some of the other services include a free guide to choosing a DNS provider and what a DNS provider does. It also allows you to search for your perfect DNS provider by selecting the features you need, and SmartDNS will show you providers that match your requirements!

For more information please visit: http://smartdns.com/