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Get Free Cloud Storage from OneDrive!


Cloud storage is getting popular these days. They allow you to store your files securely online (well at least to a point), so that you may retrieve them whenever you want, wherever you are, if you have an internet connection. This means that apart from having a good internet connection to download and upload files to and from the cloud storage provider, you also have to have enough storage on the Cloud, to enable you to store more things on it; OneDrive has come to the rescue!

Microsoft OneDrive is offering a limited time promotion (til the 28th of February 2015) through the Bing Awards program, which allows you to get an additional 100GB of free storage for two years! However, the catch is that you “must be in the US”. There is a trick to get around this and that is to use a VPN. It worked for me with this method.

To get your free 100GB of storage through the Bing Awards program, please visit this link and sign in to your Microsoft account. I have signed all my accounts up for it and they have all been upgraded to more storage! Win!

That is not all folks, you can grab yourself ANOTHER 100GB of free storage, but this time it’s only limited to one year, for Dropbox customers. It’s free storage, so why not?! Well, only bad reason would be that if you do manage to use up all that storage in a year or two, you may find yourself having to buy additional storage to replace that expired storage, or deleting files.

To take advantage of this offer, visit this page to sign in to your OneDrive account, then verify your Dropbox account by following the instructions. It will get you to add a file (a ‘Getting Started Guide to OneDrive’) to your Dropbox.

Voila, you now have 200GB of OneDrive Cloud Storage for 1 and 2 years respectively!

OneDrive Storage 2015


There may be more promotions like these in the future, so make sure you check back here regularly for updates like these!