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So who has the “Largest 4G Network” in NZ?

Largest 4G Network NZ Advertising 2015
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Spark has withdrawn its complaint about Vodafone having the “largest 4G network” in NZ, well, probably because it doesn’t like coming out second best. I mean, who does? Therefore they are now both advertising that they have the “largest 4G network” in NZ!

Spark said shortly before Christmas that it was on the verge of laying complaints with the Commerce Commission and the Advertising Standards Authority over its rival’s claim, which it believed might breach the Fair Trading Act.

Spokesman Andrew Pirie said Vodafone had had a head start, which it had “milked for a year”, but Spark it believed had overtaken or was on the point of overtaking Vodafone.

Vodafone spokesman Craig Jones responded then that Vodafone remained confident it could substantiate that it had New Zealand’s largest 4G network and confirmed it had turned down a request from Spark to “amend or remove” its advertising.

Spark spokeswoman Lucy Fullarton said its billboards had been erected on Victoria St and at the Downtown Shopping Centre in Auckland.

It is basically a “catfight” between these two companies until the stats are released:

Spark offered 4G in 70 places covering two-thirds of the population, Fullarton said.

Vodafone was claiming before Christmas that it had 63 per cent population-coverage.

If those stats are correct, “two-thirds” equates to 66.66% for Telecom, but Vodafone stats were from “before Christmas”.

Don’t worry guys, how does it sound that you both can share the title of having NZ’s “largest 4G network”?