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Instagram Does a Good Deed


A lot of people woke up today and were surprised that their Instagram followers had either dropped by the tens, thousands, and even millions! This was the result of Instagram permanently removing all spam bots, and “dead” Instagram accounts, leaving a lot of users with their true Instagram followers, which could possibly be only a few hundred, after all their fake followers were removed.

Perhaps the worst hit in today’s Instagram operation dubbed “Rapture”, are the users who paid for random followers to up their follower count. That should teach them about buying followers unethically in the future!

Even more ironic was the fact that Instagram itself lost the most amount of followers after the operation!

However, is it really just about the followers’ count? Should it really matter how many followers you have on a social media account? For some, it will be, and for others it won’t be!

Hopefully Twitter can follow suit now: the second worst offender in this era.