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Goodbye ChatOn! I’ve never really used you much!

Samsung ChatOn

Samsung is reportedly shutting down one of its apps, ChatOn on February 1st, 2015. ChatOn was an instant messaging app by Samsung, just like Viber and WeChat. It seems like nobody is using ChatOn much, as it only reached around 100 million users, whereas WeChat has reached over 600 million users and WhatsApp has over 500 million users. I didn’t even use ChatOn that much!

To me, Samsung ChatOn was just another bloatware that was automatically installed when I used a Samsung devices. Along with many other Samsung apps pre-installed, I found it to be a headache just to check out many of those apps; it just never appealed to me. Apart from the WatchOn app, which I can control TVs with!

The service was launched in October 2011, hitting the 50 million subscriber mark in May 2013 and doubling that number to 100 million only four months later.

Samsung has confirmed this change, and have said that it will be discontinuing the service everywhere apart from the US first, and then will shut the US version down shortly after:

On February 1, 2015, ChatON will be discontinued in all markets except the United States, as we strive to meet evolving consumer needs by focusing on our core services. We remain committed to offering services that cater to our consumers’ lifestyles and add value to their everyday lives.

Samsung will let users back up their data before the shutdown, it said.

ChatOn Platforms

So, how many of you are actually using Samsung ChatOn?