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[Video] Is The Cicret Bracelet Real?

Cicret Bracelet

A video by the makers (or should I say the ‘Prototypists’) of the Cicret Bracelet has paved the way for future forms of technology devices, but is it real?

The video claims that the Cicret Bracelet is able to project a screen onto your skin and make it ‘touch-skin’ through 8 beams of invisible lasers. When one of these 8 lasers are blocked, it calculates where you touched on your skin to activate whatever it is you are wanting to do, according to the video clip.

However, a couple of real-life dilemmas do appear to crop up, some in the name of science:

Cicret Bracelet FakeAnd you know what, that person is right!

And when you watched the video clip, did any of you happen to notice point “EDIT: 6.” in the screenshot above?


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