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Get With The Times, Taxis!


Again we see an article on Uber apparently being “unfair” to competitors just because they utilise the potential of modern technology. Instead of complaining, wasting money on legal fees, maybe your taxi company should do something about it and maybe, embrace modern technology too?

Parisian taxi drivers have vowed to block roads leading into the French capital today to protest against a court’s refusal to ban urban ride-sharing service UberPOP.

Like their counterparts in large cities across the globe, Parisian taxi drivers are fed up with what they see as unfair competition from Uber’s popular smartphone taxi service.

So take war as an example. If your side decides to only use bayonets in the war, whereas the other side, let’s say the “enemy”, uses rifles, would you go and complain to the “war commissioner” that this is unfair because you did not prepare your side well for the war?

“This is a fight against Uber. We’re fed up. Allowing UberPOP means leaving 57,000 French taxis high and dry, and thus 57,000 families. And that is out of the question,” Sylla said.

According to the Uber website, anybody can sign up to become a taxi driver, so maybe all those whining taxi drivers should sign up to become Uber drivers! Yes, that will mean the taxi federation are losing out, but they should be accepting competition and not revoking them!

Taxi federations should start embracing mobile technology and use the competition to their advantage, instead of wasting precious moolah into lawyers, whereas they could be used to create a similar smartphone-based technology!

— nzherald.co.nz