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Email Scammers Getting More and More Savvy?

Fake PayPal Scam Email
Source: Email

Yesterday I received an email, that managed to pass the Microsoft Outlook 2013’s spam filter, with my email address in the ‘from’ address telling me that my PayPal Account has been limited because of incorrect sign-in attempts. It even proceeded to list the last few digits of the supposedly IP addresses that tried to log in to my PayPal account. Apart from the first sign that told me this email was fake (Really? My email in the ‘from’ address line?), some elderly person who uses PayPal might actually have thought this was the real deal.

These email scammers are still what they used to be: dumb, stupid and idiotic. However, if there was one thing that I would commend this scammer on is his/her spelling!

Secondly, the graphics do look pretty authentic in this email, don’t you think? Should we give them a round of applause?


I thought I would click on the link anyway to find out what sort of bullshit it would lead me to, and the website was pretty authentic too. The only two problems with it was that the URL in the address bar was a complete bogey, and when you wanted to “Learn more”, it wouldn’t go anywhere.

Fake PayPal Scam Website

Nevertheless, scammers are the lowest of the low in the tech world, and I really want them to die in hell… then the SEO spammers.

I guess I shall forward this email on to PayPal’s phishing team.

Remember, if any email you receive asks you to click on a link (whether you think the email is authentic or not) and then immediately requires you to type in any sort of sensitive information, double check with the corporation first, which includes phoning a phone number THAT YOU HAVE USED BEFORE AND RECOGNIZE. DON’T find a number in that email and call that number as it may be a bogey.