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Time For New Zealanders to Review the GCSB Laws?


Today was not a very good day for Australians as just after work started, a hostage situation arose in the CBD of Sydney, in Australia. It is thought that the hostage-taker is linked to the islamic state and believes in the islamic religion, and may be working for ISIS. Because this event seems to be a one-man army, the following points may not apply directly to this case. Nevertheless, we should be a little grateful that we have these so called “spy” agencies such as the GCSB who actively intercept vital pieces of information that could damage our national security.

If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear…

That is a saying that most continue to blurt out to people when they mention that the government is spying on them too much. However, if you do have nothing to hide, what is it that you/people fear of?

John Key GCSB


John Key today offered his sincerity to Tony Abbott and the people of Australia for today’s events and it also looks like some people still do like having a surveillance agency within their country!