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An easier way to use your AT Hop Card?

AT Hop Card

So a user on Geekzone is currently trying to develop something that will allow you to use your mobile phone in place of your AT HOP transport card when linked together. See below for the quote.

Hello good people of Geekzone..

Yes.. Geekzone people are good.

We are currently developing an app for Android and IOS that will allow people to use their phone in place of a hop card. I would like to gauge the interest in such a product and to see what features you would like to see.

Of course the first question asked to the OP (Original Poster) is is this an official Auckland Transport sanctioned app or is it a third party. The OP claims that they would like to “establish an effective line of communication with Auckland Transport” but at the moment it is just third party support.

The current basic feature set will be:

1. The ability to scan your card with your phone and use your phone in place of a card at all AT Hop readers
2. Be able to check your balance on the go
3. View your travels

There are still a lot of questions to be asked to the OP, including how will they pair an AT HOP card to the mobile phone, and what type of technology will be used to use on the AT HOP card readers.

The OP did mention that they would most likely be supporting iOS as well, so does this mean that they will be using Apple Pay? Apple Pay is still not available in New Zealand at the moment, and he/she has not responded to that question.

Geekzone shows the name of the user on its profile page and a quick Google search of the name ‘Ross Leitch’ reveals he is a ‘Self-employed Head Programmer’ and could possibly be still in High School? Although anyone can make a mistake in their LinkedIn profile….

Nevertheless, whether it’s a hospitalised guy or a kid just starting high school, it will be good to see a successful¬†outcome out of this AT HOP app for mobile phones.