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Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Navy SEAL?

Official Navy Seal Training App

So you think your fitness levels are up? You may run a couple of kilometers every day, do a couple of push ups, sit-ups, curl-ups and pull-ups, but are you fit enough to become a Navy Seal? You can find out with a new Official Navy SEAL Training App currently only available for iOS 6.0 and above, that matches your fitness against the requirements of the Physical Screening Test (PST) of the US Navy Seals.

The app tests you just like how the Seals must accomplish before they are even accepted into training. There are five main components of the test: swimming, push-ups, curl-ups, pull-ups and running. Plus, in the case of this app, the lower your score, the better.

Official Navy Seal Training App 2

This app allows you to take a timed PST and see if you have the physical fitness requirements to start Basic Underwater Demolition/SELA (BUD/S) training.

Official Navy Seal Training App 1

The app has already compiled a list of 300 PST results from candidates who have excelled this test during their training to see how you fare with their fitness levels.

To successfully complete the screening tests so you can move forward, you must complete all necessary tasks within the maximum time limits, and number of sets per task. People who have been inactive will probably find this screening test to be difficult…

Official Navy Seal Training App 3

Are you ready to see if you have what it takes to become a Navy SEAL? Let us know how you got on!

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