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[Review] Beats Solo 2 Headphones

Beats Solo2 Headphones 1

I’ve had the Beats Solo 2 headphones for quite a while, but unfortunately because of some family circumstances, I’ve been unable to do this review until now. In fact, I’ve been unable to post for quite a while, but everything should be back to normal this week. First off, the Beats Solo 2 headphones are the second generation of their Solo line. They are supposed to be lighter than their previous version, but still come in the same streamlined design.

Unboxing the Beats Solo 2 headphones is like the same as unboxing any other Beats headphones products. They come in a black outer cover, with a red box. In the red box is the Solo 2s itself all folded up inside a soft case to protect your headphones.

Beats Solo2 Headphones


These headphones are on-ear ones as opposed to over-the-ear headphones meaning they sit on your ears. Unfortunately, because my ears are quite big, they don’t fit quite comfortably on my ears and it hurts them after an hour or so. Also worth noting that these headphones don’t have active noise-cancelling meaning that they don’t require power to run.

The headphone’s line input are separated meaning you can separate the aux cable that goes from the headphones to your source. This is a good thing because if you wanted to use a better quality cable you are able to. Plus when you put away your headphones, you don’t need to have additional cable clutter preventing you from closing that case of yours.

When I am listening to these headphones, to be honest, I think they sound the same as most of my other cheaper headphones. I think that the Beats Studio headphones that I reviewed previously gave a more in-depth sound than these ones. I think that may come down to the active noise-cancelling feature and for the fact that they are over-the-ear headphones. This means that they block the outside noises more (via active and passive noise-cancelling) which makes you in a more defined area, resulting in a more “in-depth” sound.

Like most Beats headphones products, these come with the RemoteTalk cable which allows iPhone users to be able to skip, pause a song or even answer an incoming call on your iPhone. Previously it was only available for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices, and now since Apple owns Beats, it is now available for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices… For the full list of features that the RemoteTalk audio cable can do, please visit: http://www.beatsbydre.com/support/how-to/using-remote-mic.html

Overall, The Beats Solo 2 headphones are a nice pair of lightweight headphones that don’t require any additional power to run because they are not active noise-cancelling. However, I think they could try an make the ear clamps a little less tight, as that is probably what is causing the ear pains when wearing these headphones for even just a short time, maybe say less than an hour. That was the only major drawback for these headphones for me, and the sound quality that came out of these headphones were pretty average compared to some competitor’s headphones that I’ve previously tested out.

For more information i.e specs of these headphones, please visit the following website where you can now buy them direct from the Apple web store as well: http://store.apple.com/nz/product/HFNF2PA/A/beats-by-dr-dre-solo2-on-ear-headphones