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I’m on 2Degrees’ 4G Trial!

2Degrees Mobile 4G Trial

Thanks to 2Degrees Mobile, I am apart of their 4G trial which is due to be launched commercially in central Auckland in July, followed by the wider Auckland region and other main centres – Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch – by the end of the year. Other provincial areas to receive 4G will begin in 2015.

You may remember a few months ago, was when 2Degrees Mobile officially started their private 4G trials.

2Degrees are using their 1800MHz spectrum for 4G and have 10 4G trial sites in central Auckland at the moment – that means I may be spending a bit of time in central Auckland!

For more information on 2Degrees’ 4G, please visit: http://www.2degreesmobile.co.nz/4g

To follow my 4G trial on-the-spot for the latest updates, you can follow me on Twitter – @matthewc1465