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How to Text from your Computer via your Smartphone


Most of the time I am sitting on my computer and my phone is usually in another room, and I need to text someone but I’m also lazy enough to not want to go to the other room to get my phone. Well I don’t have to anymore thanks to MightyText. I can now text from the comfort of my laptop!

I found MightyText when searching on the interwebs for a solution to my lazy problem of texting from my computer. MightyText lets you text from your computer, and syncs with your Android phone and number. When I send a text on the MightyText app, it will also sync with my phone’s SMS inbox. This is extremely convenient as it means I don’t have to always have my phone on me when I am at the computer!

MightyText Example

MightyText also have a specialized tablet app that lets you text via your phone as well, so if you were on your tablet without your phone, you can be lazy too!

MightyText keeps your phone’s SMS in sync by signing into your Google account that is also on your phone, and the permissions include allowing to read and send SMS on your behalf. Pretty simple to set up.

Other features include photos and videos syncing. This lets you instantly store photos and videos taken from your phone to your computer or tablet with MightyText installed or set up on. This is a free optional feature, but you are limited to a 5GB quota on storage. I don’t use this because Dropbox takes care of my needs for this.

Another cool feature is that it also shows your phone’s battery on the MightyText app.

MightyText Battery

There is also a Contacts page on MightyText that shows all your contacts on your phone, but in order to create your own personalised groups, you will have to be a “Pro” member. No worries here as all I need is my contacts to show up!

The Phone tab on MightyText lets you punch in a number and it will start calling it from your phone. This means that you will have to get up eventually to get your phone!

MightyText Sidebar

There are some other features on MightyText but you will have to pay to use them, which I don’t because I don’t find a need for it at the moment. They include the ability to schedule text messages to send in the future automatically, allow you to create your own SMS templates, store your messages on MightyText for more than the maximum free limit of 6 months, add an additional 50GB of storage for your synced photos and videos, and more.

The above paid features are all paid through either a monthly or annual subscription.

But the main reason why I got MightyText was that so I could text from my PC. Now if I ever forget my phone at home, I can just log in to MightyText on any internet-enabled computer to see my texts on!