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New Galaxy Devices In The House!

Samsung Galaxy Devices 2014

A few days ago I received the just-released Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone and Galaxy Gear 2 smart watch thanks to Telecom NZ! I will be putting it through its paces and will have a full review on here very shortly!

Some of my first impressions of these devices include how I’m loving that it’s water-resistant, meaning I can bring them with me in the bath (and even the shower!) without having to worry about it getting wet while I read on my Amazon Kindle app enjoying a nice long soak!

While the Galaxy S5 supports microUSB 3.0, it doesn’t actually include a microUSB 3.0 cable which is a bit of a let-down by Samsung, because I can’t utilise the benefits of microUSB 3.0 which apparently includes faster charging times and faster data-handling speeds.

I also wish Samsung would make the Gear 2 compatible with other smartphones as well, not just the S5.

The camera on the Gear 2 is now unobtrusive unlike on the first model of the Gear, which was jutting out so badly… The camera quality is actually not as bad as I thought it would have been! Sample photos will be up with the review shortly.

Here are some pictures of the Galaxy S5 and the Gear 2:

Disclosure: A big thanks to Telecom NZ whom have kindly provided us with these review devices to test out, and have also included some credit to trial it out with. This does not mean I have to write good things about anyone or anything though.