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[News] 2Degrees Mobile Launch 4G Trials

2Degrees Mobile

4G is coming to 2Degrees Mobile! 2Degrees Mobile are undergoing private trials from today at around 10 4G sites in central Auckland using their 1800MHz spectrum. Trials are expected to last around three months.

2Degrees expect to launch their 4G commercially in central Auckland in July, followed by the wider Auckland region and other main region centers by the end of the year. These other regions include Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch. Other provincial areas will begin to have 4G in 2015.

2Degrees Mobile CEO Stewart Sherriff says the company is now ready to move into the era of 4G.

“As the newest player in the market, we have taken a very systematic approach to the rollout of our network to ensure we get it right for our customers. We started with 2G, then added 3G which has been the absolute focus of our efforts over the past three years. With our customer’s ever-increasing appetite for data coupled with more LTE-capable handsets available, we feel it is now the right time to extend our capabilities to the next generation of mobile.”

He also adds that the 4G service will complement the existing 3G network.

“As part of our 4G readiness program, we have invested heavily in extending our 3G coverage over the past year. This has included the installation of 3G at 900MHz across all of our sites which, in effect, is providing a ‘boosted’ 3G service. It has meant that in areas where customers previously could only get 2G service, many now get 3G as we have more overlap between our sites and great in-building penetration. This, coupled with our existing HSPA+ network and recently launched HD voice, has already made a significant difference to the quality and speed our customers are experiencing on our network.”

4G will be available to both prepay and pay monthly customers, and it is not yet sure whether you need a 4G capable SIM or not, but they did say that only a 4G capable phone is needed, so I presume you don’t need a new SIM. Vodafone do not require you to get a specific 4G SIM to use their 4G network, but Telecom do.

No word from 2Degrees yet on any specific plans and pricing for 4G, but stay tuned for more updates.

For more information please visit: http://www.2degreesmobile.co.nz/4g