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The Skype Collaboration Project Promotion

Skype Collaboration Project Promotion

Just yesterday, I read an article on the Skype Collaboration Project that it was having a promotion and that it was offering Skype Premium (which includes group video calls,  no advertisements and live customer support) free for 12-months, just by entering your email address on their promotion page. The promotion page only listed the four offers mentioned in brackets above, and so the unlimited free calling usually offered in the original Skype Premium was not there. No free calling worldwide then. 🙁

After reading the article, I immediately went to the site to sign up (mind you I also entered in multiple email addresses… :P) and then the mail notification came almost immediately – it was from Skype. Lo and behold, in my mailbox, was a voucher code for me to redeem. It told me to go to a general Skype web page to redeem the code which told me that this coupon code was not tied to my email address and so I could give the code to someone else if I wanted to.

Signed into my Skype account ,redeemed coupon, and expiry date is now 2015! Why not 2014 you ask? Thanks to Microsoft, the Surface Pro 2 unit (review coming up shortly) also came bundled with the special offers currently being offered – an additional massive 200GB SkyDrive storage for 2 years, and a 12-month’s subscription to Unlimited World calling, Skype WiFi, and Skype Premium.

Because I had other “secondary” email addresses, I decided I would claim an extra few more coupon codes and that brought the expiry date of my Skype Premium to 2016. That was all I could handle as Skype’s Subscription Purchase Limits restricted me from redeeming or buying more Skype subscriptions.

Don’t get surprised if when you try to redeem the coupon code, that it says this is worth about 108 USD, because it won’t charge your credit card as this is only showing how much “credit” you are redeeming.

Unfortunately in the past 10 hours or so, Skype has pulled the Skype Collaboration Project Promotion page down for some unknown reason, so this special offer is now gone for the time-being. If for some reason the offer comes back on, I will be sure to let you know right here!

The Special Offer page was originally at https://collaboration.skype.com/promotion/ but now redirects to the homepage.

If you were one of the lucky people who managed to score themselves a free 12-month’s (or more) worth of Skype’s Premium features, the code must be redeemed by the 30th of April 2014 to take advantage of those features. At least that date was what was in the Terms and Conditions before it was taken down…

Now time for me to go and enjoy my Premium features on Skype!